Lounging on the beach is probably one at the top of your list for our Tulum Weekend, so here are a few places listed below to try out that we think you’ll enjoy

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What exactly is a beach club?

In Tulum, “some places call themselves a Hotel and Beach club but don’t allow outside guests, and others don’t call themselves a beach club but allow access to non guests. So, if you don’t want to spend any precious beach time searching for a perfect spot to plunk your butt for the day, it may be best to call ahead to double check.” - Delightful Travelers

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Photo credit of The Nest to    Delightful Travelers

Photo credit of The Nest to Delightful Travelers

Photo courtesy of The Nest

Photo courtesy of The Nest

The Nest

South End

“Lounge beds with shade, and lots of loungers with palapas…everyone working there was so welcoming and friendly helping us find a place on the beach and informing us we’d be welcome to stay if having lunch and drinks. They do reserve one side of the beach for guests only but the other half was just as nice. Service was fantastic and the food was even better with a great menu. We ordered El Pastor chicken tacos and a quinoa salad, both were delicious. It was also nice to see some healthy options on a menu which can often be hard to come by while on the beach.” - Delightful Travelers

Breakfast:  8:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Lunch and Dinner:  12:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Beach: Non-guests are welcome on a first come first serve basis. $800 Peso ($40 US) F&B minimum for Beach Bed.

Photos courtesy of    Papaya Playa Project

Photos courtesy of Papaya Playa Project

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 8.36.39 AM.png

Papaya Playa Project

South End

“This is a hotel that also advertises as a beach club, and certainly not falsely. You can arrive in early morning and stay the entire day as long as you meet their minimum spend requirement (it doesn’t take much).” - Delightful Travelers

The restaurant is the central feature
of the Papaya Playa Beach Club.

It's service space is distributed around the club to include a double-decker bar that advances toward the ocean, overhanging the beach; multilevel semi-amphitheatre with private seating enclaveswith the infinity view ahead and above;  two spacious oceanfront palapas; a 360° wooden tower rising above the property offering a vantage-point private table area; and a generous stretch of beach appointed with serviceable sun beds and shaded hanging beds palapitas.

Photos courtesy of    La Zebra

Photos courtesy of La Zebra

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 8.50.24 AM.png

La Zebra

South End, 7:30am-1pm for food

“beds fill up very quickly…but there are a lot of different areas. Food here is really great, good drinks, but service is iffy. They frequently have live bands- which just adds to the really fantastic, beachy vibe.” - Delightful Travelers

“The alive rhythm of La Zebra´s vibrant dining room frames one of the best beachscapes in Tulum. This quintessential establishment is a longtime favorite for many; from locals to travelers, couples to families, millennials to the elderly- all will find their spot.” - La Zebra